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BREAKING: Trump to Declare National Emergency to Fund Border Wall
by Causes
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  • Julie
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    I support protecting our country. Most these people that want to come in ILLEGALLY are grown men sporting nice looking clothes and nice name brand shoes. And there IPhones.They do not look impoverished. Or running from fear or domestic violence.the Statue of Liberty was a gift from a country the saying on it is a poem. Not law. And all immigrants came into that port of entry. LEGALLY.. we as a country do not have to take all these people who do not want to obey the first law inter LEGALLY. And yes all people whos Visa are up need to go that is the law do it right or out you go. Any other country would do it. Our rights are for people who want to come in LEGALLY. Why is that so hard to understand.Stop the law breaking.and no more here's your free stuff . there rights do not take over the rights of legal citizens.


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