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What They’re Saying: Trump Declares a National Emergency to Build Border Wall
by Causes
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  • Haudvolo
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    Trump invents an emergency and then goes about making it real by separating kids from parents and by refusing to process refugees. He holds the country hostage shutting down the government and when the legislature acts, telling him he doesn’t get the money he wants for the wall, the wall the majority of Americans don’t want, he declares an emergency. Now he wants to subvert the Constitution which gives the power of the wallet to Congress and take it himself. What is most disturbing about this is the number of republicans in Congress who are supporting this move. Does McConnell and all the rest not understand that this could set a precedent that will rebound on them when a democratic is elected to the office? Is a short term win more important than the constitution and the preservation of our democracy? Where are the Republicans who love their country more than their party? Where are the Republicans who care more about the oath of office they took than the optics on Fox News?


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