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Trump Declares National Emergency to Access $3.6B for Border Wall
by Axios
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  • Robin
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    I am an RN in the medical community and I’m a believer in legal access to our country. I believe most people that don’t support any kind of border wall or fence have been victims of propaganda perpetuated by the media that is controlled by the Socialist Democratic Party. The Democratic Party Is not what it used to be. It will be a harsh wake-up call to those who want open borders to have NO CHOICE on how to spend your hard earned dollars, except to contribute to a general fund controlled by the government to spend how they choose‼️ If we do nothing, and continue to allow unchecked border crossings, consider the RAMPANT UNCONTROLLED DISEASE possibilities. We are One Nation, under God. Let’s trust our hearts and Governmental Decisions to be led by God, with much prayer. A house divided cannot stand!


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