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BREAKING: Trump to Declare National Emergency to Fund Border Wall
by Causes
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  • Jolie
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    As a Texan and American I know there is not a National Emergency at our Southern border. Our "President" is over stepping his powers and needs to be stopped. This sets a very bad precedent. If it was such a national emergency why didn't he act a couple of years ago. He is doing this now because it is getting closer to 2020 and he has delivered NOTHING!! I am angered and embarrassed on how our Texas lawmakers are frankly licking his boot clean and talking of robbing our rainy day fund to help support these lies! You would not even use these funds to help Texans in need during catastrophic storms that are now worse due to climate change, yet will talk of raiding it for this ridiculousness! It's time to grow a backbone and like Texans and stand up for Truth! A true national emergency that needs to be addressed more than "thoughts & prayers" and the thousands of Americans gunned down every year by fellow Americans. Over 80% of Americans support basic gun reform laws like background checks yet our politicians are so bought by NRA and other lobbyists they no longer give a damn about the people. Well, the people are rising and fighting back!! We WILL take our country back for US!! You can either get on board or get the hell out of the way. I am the wife of a decorated combat Veteran, I am a multi generational Texan, I am an American & I am a gun owner. I want gun reform now! I also demand action towards climate change Now! These storms you refuse to help with aid are a serious threat and yet you all turn a blind eye and just keep following your failing dear leader. You can follow his lies and propaganda all the way down to the unemployment line or better yet prison!


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