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Former FBI Deputy Director Claims There Were 25th Amendment Talks
by Axios
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  • Jim
    Voted Sad

    The president was legally elected. I am surprised and find it unconscionable that government employees would attempt a “legal” coup because they simply don’t like an individuals politics. Where was this behavior in past administrations? Where is our country heading when politicians care more about their affiliation (political) then their duty to their polity, constituents, and the U.S. Constitution? Is the new norm, when people don’t like a person, don’t want to work with a person, that they seek to legally craft a way to remove someone they do not agree with? That does not sound very American. Nor does investigating for 2 years at great expense and find nothing on the man. They found dirt on lawyers and lobbyists who lied on their taxes. How about applying that to the rest of congress to see how many pay their fair share of taxes, and who is paying them-while they continue to pass deficit legislation with no real way to pay the debt off? I hope the members of congress think about the country for a change instead of just putting forward political grandstanding. The American workers, manufacturing industry, roads, bridges, energy, and security require real debate, and dialogue and ultimately some voting based off individual conscience and not party affiliation. The only leaders In congress now are the ones who vote to represent their constituents and the constitution and not the politics. I wonder what the founders would think?


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