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Should the U.S. Rescind Medals for Native American Massacres?
by Causes
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  • Caroline
    Voted Yes

    What the White population did to the Native Americans was abominable and another horrific period in our history. No one should have ever received an award or recognition for destroying a society because they had the land first. The same is true for enslaving Blacks by kidnapping and ripping them from their homes and families in other parts of the world, so that the wealthy could have cheap/free laborers to do what they couldn’t or wouldn’t do. We need to recognize what our ancestors did was wrong and we need to take corrective measures. One of those is to take away their awards, medals, etc. How is history going to treat the current administration? I believe it’s not going to be good, but rather another dark, decadent period where the oligarchs and their cronies tried to turn back to a time when the wealthy controlled the average person by denying them the basic safety net established in the 20th century.

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