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Trump: 'I Can’t Say I’m Thrilled' on Border Security Compromise
by Axios
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  • Coreen
    Voted Angry

    We all knew the Dems would not negotiate in good faith! They lie to get their own way. Well, it’s NOT Trump’s wall, it’s the PEOPLES wall. That is one of the reasons he was voted in. The Dems are jeopardizing our security and well-being because they hate Trump. Well get over it and do your job. You were all in favor of a wall before it was Trump in office. by failing to give trump what he needs to build the wall and beef up the security around the wall you are jeopardizing all of us. The sex trafficking (including children you claim to care so much about), drugs and violence will continue to pour over the border. Oh, and you non vaxers, you’re in for a big surprise. Mumps, measles and chicken pox have all come in with the illegals.


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