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Cartel Boss 'El Chapo' Convicted - Should His Seized Assets Fund the Border Wall?
by Causes
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  • SneakyPete
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    WE MUST FUND PRESIDENT TRUMPS “HAYDENS WALL’’ NOW!!! “A possible explanation for the HAYDENS WALLis the degree of control it would have provided over immigration, smuggling and customs. Limites did not strictly mark the boundaries of the empire: Roman power and influence often extended beyond the walls. People within and beyond the limites travelled through it each day when conducting business, and organised CHECK POINTS like those offered by Hadrian's Wall provided good opportunities for taxation AND IMMIGRATION CONTROL. With watch towers only a short distance from gateways in the limites, patrolling legionaries could have kept track of entering and exiting natives and Roman citizens alike, charging customs dues and checking for SMUGGLING ACTIVITIES. Another theory is of a simpler variety—that Hadrian's Wall was partly constructed to reflect the power of Rome and was used as a political point by Hadrian.” SEE: SneakyPete......... 🤔🙀🤔🙀🤔. 2*12*19..........

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