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If Trump Declares an Emergency to Build the Wall, Congress Can Block Him – Should They?
by Causes
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  • Gary
    Voted Yes

    An arbitrary declaration of “ a national emergency “ when in fact none exist ; would set a very dangerous precedent. The executive office is designed to implement the the will of the people (Congress) not the other way around. What next? Martial law because of “rioting in the streets”. No,this president (nor any president) should have the ability to declare an emergency based on subjective data. Earthquake,flood,fire yep pretty obvious. Massed thousands at the border ready to storm the fences ( whom have yet to be located en mass).No way. Are we to believe the rantings of a narcissistic ,pathologically lying old man or a video camera pointed South that shows mostly sage brush. donald is a legend in his own mind and needs to be reined in You’re on Mueller, do us proud


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