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Do You ‘Want The Truth’ About Trump’s Tax Returns?
by Causes
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  • Gale

    Of course the public has a right to see Trump's tax returns and there is no threat to privacy. Trump is not a private citizen. When you choose to seek political office you open yourself up to examination of how you met your civic responsibilities in the past. Paying taxes is part of every citizen's civic duty. Politicians have recognized for years that this is a legitimate area of investigation, which is why other Presidents have regularly made their taxes a matter of public record. The harder Trump and Republicans work to keep those taxes secret, the more everyone wants to know what they are so desperately hiding. In Trump's case, the taxes are critical to determining whether he has financial interests that impact his policies and whether he is improperly profiting from the Presidency. The American public has an absolute right to the evidence needed to answer those questions. We obviously can't take the word of the most inveterate liar the world has ever seen!

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