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The ‘420 Bill’ to Federally Legalize Marijuana Has Officially Been Introduced
by High Times
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  • Adam
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    The prohibition against hemp/marijuana was largely initiated by William Randolph Hearst. Hearst had procured huge tracks of timber in the Pacific Northwest, a Great Depression Era Rick bottom prices. Hemp directly competed with timber byproducts in the marketplace. As a matter of fact hemp products were less expensive, quite profitable and far more sustainable than timber. Nevertheless, Hearst financed the scare movie Reefer Madness and orchestrated a very successful anti-hemp campaign through his extensive media empire. Then followed Prohibition. Nearly one hundred and fifty hemp based medicines were pulled from apothecaries throughout the United States after the passage of Prohibition. Hemp paper production and rope manufacturing became so problematic as to be nearly unprofitable. Hemp clothing became a mere memory over a generation. The hemp economy had been a mainstay of the United States Economy since prerevolutionary times. We need to restore a healthy and health-giving hemp economy. We need to use hemp to help restore clear-cut areas, where vital forests once stood and helped maintain the balance of carbon gases through photosynthetic sequestration of Carbon Dioxide. The hemp plant is one of the few plants that adds nutrients to depleted souls and can be a primary aid in restoring our vital forests from the reprehensible destructive practices of a uncontrolled deforestation/lumber industry. I am not advocating for irresponsible use of imbalanced hybrids of hemp/marijuana with huge concentrations of THC which can cause great anxiety. We need a marijuana industry that balances THC with CBD so that their plant products do not cause quasi-psychotic episodes in individuals with high or even normal sensitivities. The industry must be held accountable for good plant husbandry. Research into the health benefits of hemp byproducts needs to proceed with urgent focus. We are currently living in an opioid apocalypse. Legalized, well balanced, hemp/marijuana can help us ascend out of that abyss of opioid abuse and into a much more productive healthier epoch for our Nation.

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