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Committee Watch: Defending Elections, U.S. Forces in Korea, and Managing Pain During the Opioid Crisis
by Causes
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  • Daniel
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    Concentrate on passing legislation to make sure that ALL 50 STATES CLEAN THEIR VOTER REGISTRATIONS AND START OVER; ONLY SIGNING UP VERIFIED U.S. CITIZENS TO VOTE! Make it mandatory that votes go from voter's hand to the counting machine (no magical votes found later). Make it a Federal Law that only U.S. Citizens can vote and must present a birth certificate, passport, or document that proves their Citizenship. If you don't do this... the Democrats will steal all elections and you will be out of office. The New Communist Left will undo all Republican tax savings, ban guns, change the laws and rules, and transform the government. Separate the DMV office from the voter registration process so that people do not get registered to vote for signing up for a driver's license. This is Priority 1!!!!!!!!

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