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Committee Watch: Defending Elections, U.S. Forces in Korea, and Managing Pain During the Opioid Crisis
by Causes
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  • Fred
    Voted Apathetic

    Election integrity is a big concern. Election fraud is rampant people who are 120 years old and older still on the ballots. More registered voters than actual residents. 110% voter turnout. They have now found Trump did win the popular vote when they took all the fraud out. Then there are voter ID laws that are somehow racist?? Only minority’s can’t afford an ID?? How do they get their welfare checks or cash them?? You need ID’s for that. The ID is not to prove you can vote but to show you are who you say you are. The name on the voter registry needs to match your ID to vote. You have to be a citizen and you can only vote once and only in the district you live in

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