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Do You ‘Want The Truth’ About Trump’s Tax Returns?
by Causes
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    This is just a way for the Dems to take the focus off of the things that they are doing to our country. They will do anything to portray the president as the bad guy but in reality they are the ones that will destroy the fundamentals that our country was built on. The energy spent trying to find something that they can use against the president should be refocused towards finding solutions to help fix the issues that are dividing our country and destroying it today. Never before in the history of our country has there been so much disrespect and defamation towards a president...even when past presidents have done things that not everyone agreed with. But this has become more of a personal issue for the Dems rather than doing what is best for our country. I'm sure there is not one person in our government that doesn't have any skeletons in their closet... And I would bet that most of them have to do with way worse issues than taxes. So please stop this witch hunt and let our President do his job before it's too late for us.


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