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"The Green New Deal" Matters - For Reasons You May Not Have Considered
by The Daily Dose
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  • Cosmo
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    Until all the largest populated countries, in the world, uniformerly place some controls on pollutants. Any program will have minimum impact on our clean air odjectives. What we have is a young Congress person from a NY District of 14,000 citizens. Trying to make a name for herself with the far left providing her with issues over 10 years old to highligh. In my view since we are currently in the upper percentile, we need for other countries to do there part. That’s the problem, we have no control to do what’s necessary to achieve the odjective. We also how three issues to consider 1. Training the population to be replaced ( plan to be in place and evaluated) 2. Robotics to takeover 40 million entry level position jobs, 3. Illegal immigrants (Harvard Studynow estimates 26 million) here illegally. 50% of Federal Monetary support paid to illegals. We can’t do it all. Prioritize, the sky isn’t falling.

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