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New Congress, Same Net Neutrality Debate
by Axios
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  • Chickie
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    Restore net neutrality. FCC Chair Pai totally left the consumer at the curb when siding with big time monopolies to control the Internet. The increase of ads and slow down of service increases day by day. Only after dragging the FCC position to admit Russian interference until 12/2018, further aligns itself to Putin puppet #45’s position. This administration has proven their top concern remains with big money, never the voters they represent. Further extension of #45’s corrupt government, in 04/2018, Pai’s broadband advisor, Elizabeth Ann Pierce, was charged forging contracts to get investments of $250 million. Her trial begins this month. Pai stood to gain a lot of money for repealing net neutrality. He has proudly announced that his repeal of net neutrality stood the vote of Congress...but that was before the midterms. Millions of Americans want to restore net neutrality. What has yet to be seen, is if the legislative body will represent the people who voted them to office.

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