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Shutdown Countdown: 5 Days – Trump Lashes Out at Dems for ‘Brand New Demand’ in Border Security Talks
by Causes
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  • singinghawk926
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    IMHO, part of any “agreement” must be a fail-safe clause that specifically prohibits either side from using government shutdowns as a tool for any and all future negotiations of any kind. The”agreement” should specify immediate initiation of follow up negotiations which should be a requirement for this agreement to be implemented. There should be a specific negotiation schedule with steps and a specific date for initiating and completing such negotiations. The goal for such negotiations must have an end date beyond which no funding will be directed toward border security and the access of either legislative branch to government shutdowns as a negotiating tool will cease permanently, regardless of whether or not an agreement has been reached. All of these steps must be a part of the “agreement”, signed by all parties to the negotiations.

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