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Do You Support Legislation Banning Late-Term Abortion?
by Causes
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  • Venette
    Voted No

    It's not the United States business if I'm having sex. Who I'm having it with If I'm pregnant If I'm not If and when I'm starting my family If and who I marry If I'm going to the Doctors And what I'm seeing a doctor for and how I'm going to treat myself if an issue is found? Any problem with that? Is there any reason any of these things would affect you? An I Opposing my will on you? Do not oppose your will on me as to how my Dr and I decide on treating my pregnancy. Against your belief fine but do not impose your beliefs on me. As for late term abortion that everyone is up in arms about: No one having a late-term abortion would choose that over giving birth to a healthy baby. Women have late-term abortions to preserve their own life or to shorten the suffering of a terminally ill fetus. Try exercising a little empathy. Please stay out of this very personal issue in which women and their physicians make tough decisions. We don’t need politicians or anyone for that matter, involved in that aspect of people's lives.

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