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Trump: ‘We Will Build a Human Wall If Necessary’
by Causes
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  • Marcia
    Voted No

    Once again Trump shows his ignorance. If we have a crisis in our country we use National Guard not military. The very idea of using armed forces against unarmed poor, desperate people is outrageous. Trump talked about a wall THAT MEXICO was going to be forced to pay. Anyone with any common sense knew that there was no way that Trump could force Mexico to pay for this wall. Actually the head of the Mexican government laughed at that statement when Trump made it. We have now gone to a fixation by Mr. Trump that THIS WALL MUST BE BUILT to the tune of nearly 6 billion dollars that will be added to out astronomical debt. Now he wants to use military funds....excuse me but what happens if we have a true military crisis and we no longer have the necessary funds to defend our country. How many man hours has Trump used about this ridiculous wall rather than taking care of the real issues in our country. What is wrong with this man??? He has a very sick ego. What HE WANTS HE MUST HAVE. When does the temper tantrum stop? Come on lets move on!!


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