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The DC: Oversight hearings into family separations, and... đź’µ Should Trump use military funds to a build a border wall?
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  • AbolishWaste

    Keep congressional oversight on Donald Trump. I am certain that Donald Trump is playing the same old Roy Cohen playbook. Distract, distract, distract. He is doing this by distracting the public about an unwanted wall. This way, his acceptance of David Duke’s endorsement, his violation of the emoluments clause, his sexual harassment of women, his tax fraud and abuse, and abuse of presidential power will remain ignored. They will remain ignored as long as we continue to discuss Trump’s border wall, and Trumps crimes will remain ignored as long as we continue to allow Trump to direct the conversation in the media. We need to stay focused on two things: 1.) impeaching and removing Trump from office 2.) criminally prosecuting him for his torture of immigrants, detention of US citizens in immigration jails (see washington post piece on Trump’s revoking US passports from citizens born in US), his violent sex crimes, his violent acts of racism, his fraudulent tax schemes, and his many other criminal offenses. We need to focus on those two things and those two things only. His words are meaningless distractions made for nothing more than distracting us from the work we need to do to build this country and truly make America great (and think) again.

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