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A Big Leak Rattles the White House
by Axios
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  • Dewayne
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    Variety is important when considering effectiveness of leaders. Why should we care about a leader's schedule? We should care because their discipline (or lack thereof) affects us based on their preparedness in making informed decisions and recommendations. The more they understand, the more likely they can connect multiple dots in all of the issues facing us across institutions, states, and countries. We want leaders who strive to understand, and discipline allows information to come together through this one, essential, (hopefully) time-focused leader. Why pour over the downtime and how the time seems squandered? We all are expected to manage our time - chores, homework for students, priorities, and the list goes on - and our expectation is that our ultimate leader who represents us in the world conversation has a discipline that encourages and motivates us to follow the observed habits. I have often heard the phrase, "If every person were just like me, what kind of world would this world be?" We can take that to say if every person scheduled the way our main leader schedules, what kind of businesses, families, states, and other institutions would we have?" Finally, we need to have the schedules of all presidents for the sake of comparison. Such critical reviews allow us to see patterns, strengths, and concerns - for all of their schedules. This review of schedules is not only something that should happen for our current president; we must review schedules for past, current, and upcoming presidents. Resear3ch shows that careful examination of such habits gives us insight into predicting effectiveness for not only the individual president, but also for the country. Let the researchers analyze the results (sports coaches review teams and their productivity, airlines review flights and their successes and failures, doctors review their surgeries and practices). I'd think any feedback on how we can optimize our habits would be welcome since so much is at stake - the success of every person in this country and ultimately the world.

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