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Sasse to Offer Bill Protecting Abortion Survivors in Response to Virginia Controversy
by Causes
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  • Catt
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    This bill displays a deep and terrible failure on the part of Congresspeople to even attempt to understand exactly WHY a child late enough in term to survive even briefly on its own outside the womb would be aborted. The only reason these children are (mercifully) terminated is because living for them would be an experience in torture, with little to no chance of actual survival by any meaningful definition of the word. Mothers who carry a child in their bodies that long do NOT make the choice to terminate in any way frivolously, they make it because it's the only chance they have to prevent their baby from needlessly suffering a terrible life, and a worse death. Removing the right to mercifully spare that suffering is truly the pinnacle of ignorance and cruelty, and frankly, of theatrical politics in its lowest form. Don't rise to the dog wistle of "SAVE TEH BEBEZOMG!" Those particular babies should not be saved. It is nothing but cruelty to them, and to their parents to do so. UNLESS the state is going to take on ALL COSTS INCURRED BY THAT MEDICAL PROCEDURE AND ALL FURTHER MEDICAL CARE SAID INFANT REQUIRES FOR THE REST OF ITS BRIEF AND PAINFUL LIFE. If the Federal Government is willing to do that, and to take full, adoptive rights of said child, then I guess it can do whatever it wants with its property. But if you're going to torture the infant, and then leave its parents in poverty just to make yourselves feel good? Don't. Just don't.

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