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Virginia Democrats Say Northam Will Not Resign, Despite Party Pressure
by Axios
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    Racism and more importantly #Infanticide has no place in America. #Abortion is the #KillingOfInnocentDevelopingHumanBeings, which has led to #Infanticide, which is 1rst Degree Murder. #Abortion is a #HumanRightsViolation and #PublicFundingOfAbortion is #UnConstitutional as it violates Religious Liberties of many of our citizens.🇺🇸 Shame on Governor Northam and shame on anyone who advocates for the killing of innocent developing human beings and babies. I was born a Democrat, and I would be a Democrat today, if the Democrat Party today was like #JFK, but the #ProgressiveParty today is a #Misnomer. The #DemocratParty today is shamefully the #RegressiveParty on its road to extinction. #TruthBeTold #InGodWeTrust, Not Politicians! #WeThePeopleOfIllinois deserve better than #Abortion. America is better than Abortion. Tell Congressman Lipinski🇺🇸 who beat me in my bid to unseat him, in the #MidtermElection2018, that I find him to be a gentleman and a good Congressman. Thank him for his service. Some day, Illinois will be Free, Free from the sin of Racism and the Sin Of Abortion! One last Comment, “I will fight the good fight against the evil of hate and insensitive indifference. So Help me God.” “By the way, I’m Color Blind!” “I see every person as being equally valued and a need to be treated equally, with no preference given to anyone.” With Sincere and Kind Regards, Dr.YERKES #DoctorY Former #WriteInCandidate #Illinois #CongressionalDistrict3 #IL03

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