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Trump: ‘We Will Build a Human Wall If Necessary’
by Causes
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  • Hester
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    If we can't have a wall then our military should be there helping border patrol beefing up security. When you take the oath to the military in the oath it says defend this country whether foreign or domestic. The Southern border is domestic and it is their job to protect the country and citizens from the foreign invasion. If they can't come here legally then they are invaders plain and simple. Why should Congress have to approve this. It should be automatic for troops to be there. After all when we have a National disaster a state can call up the National guard and doesn't need Congress or the president. So why should we have to rely on Congress to call up the military for the defense of our borders because it spans more than one state. Get some common sense about this. I have come to a conclusion over the years that people who have a lot of book learning have no common sense. They spent so much time in learning that they have had no time for real life and therefore they have no street cred. That is such a waste for someone who could really make a difference for the country.

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