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House to Hold First Hearing on Gun Violence Prevention Since 2011
by Axios
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  • John

    Lets review our history. Why did our for fathers put this in writing? To protect our selves and to protect our country. We do need to look at how illegal guns are getting into the gangs hands. Adding more new laws won't stop somebody from purchasing guns. It may take a while to get the guns but they will end up in some ones hands good or bad. We keep on adding new laws over the past 3 to 4 years and their are still shootings. Most of these shooters have some type of mental issues. So how do we find these people and what will we do to help them? Our governments have slashed almost all the programs that covered these people. Now ask why did they cut the budget that took care of these people. Money and these people don't vote so their voices don't count. Our lawmakers are concerned about how to get re elected to stay in office. Our for fathers not only served our country but they also had a trade that brought them money to live on. Check our Illinois lawmakers and see if they have a trade that they could live on? Especially Senator Durbin. How many years has he been a Senator? Who dose he support? Why dose he always wants to aid Illegals? What has he helped cities like Chicago or Rockford on gun violence and gangs? Same with Senator Duckworth, I though that what she has been through she would making pathways for the veterans. I haven't heard anything she has done except backing Senator Durbin. I though she was a strong woman and fight for the rights of people she serves. No just following what ever the Democrats spew. Time to wake up American citizens, who are they representing? You and me or their party?

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