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Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty to Mueller Charges
by Axios
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  • Cindy
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    Roger Stone himself has said for 2 years he expected to get indicted. There is nothing in the charges that say he was colluding with Russia, it does leave out facts that make it sound like there was collusion with Wiki Leaks but Roger never had communications with wiki leaks, he received most of his information from Jerome Corsi, if that name is not familiar to you, you are definitely not getting the facts from your news source. Stone knew something “big” was coming on Hilary from Wiki leaks from being blind copied on an email from 2 other people. If you really want to know about Mueller look up Sidney Powell’s book, shocking the tactics he has used, even to the point that the Supreme court has overturned a conviction for the Enron debacle during his tenure in the FBI. All of his indictments so far are the result of his investigation not of collusion, it’s sad that the MSM, CNN and MSNBC have people thinking there is some big report with a “gotcha”, but it will be another Mueller story with missing facts but people are now so entrenched they won’t be able to see the hoax.

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