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Do You Support Trump Declaring a National Emergency to Secure Wall Funding?
by Causes
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  • Barbara
    Voted Oppose

    Holding innocent hard working Americans hostage for a useless wall is selfish and horrible. What do Federal Employees have to do with a wall???? Trump had two years to build a wall when Republicans controlled all three branches of government .Instead ,they gave themselves and all of their billionaire friends and benefactors a giant tax cut on the backs of the middle class yet again!!!! No raise for minimum wage. No raise for Federal Employees , only temper fits and ignorance. We are the joke of the world! We have a semi literate mob boss/ conman in the White House , who calls himself a businessman. He can't even get a loan in the States because he's an idiot, who makes a lifestyle of being a deadbeat ,phony lying mess. He has absolutely no integrity, common sense or statesmanship. He's I'll mannered, rude, gross and crude. The electoral college made this mess. Like her or no, Hilary Clinton got 3000,000 more votes than Trump. The people voted for her. She is the rightful president. I didn't vote for her, but she is a million times smarter than the embarrassing clown we have now. I used to respect the Republican party. However, they have allowed him to consort with Putin, lie, steal and make our allies shudder at his crude manners and general bad behavior. He isn't even smart enough to use denture adhesive to keep his teeth secure so that he can speak properly. McConnell is just as bad. God help us remove this rabble. Overturn Citizens United, stop paying three branches meaning President, Cabinet , Supteme Court, Congress , Senate until they behave and do their jobs. They work for us. No more holding Federal Workers Hostage!!!!! Because you can't get your own way.

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