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Do You Support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Wealth Tax’?
by Causes
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  • Glenn

    Such a wealth tax is at least, double taxation. People have already paid an income tax, and then taxpayers would be expected to pay another tax on wealth that they managed to earn, pay taxes on and save for the future? This would be confiscatory in truth. and runs counter to rewarding success to encourage more success. The effect would be to discourage success and encourage sloth. It is one thing to be envious of the wealth of others, but to be jealous and covetous would be sinful. This is a lesson learned during the history of civilization, but those who have not learned from the past are necessarily condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past and the horrors of civil unrest, strife and war. When will we ever learn that abiding by God's law is the way to achieve peace among imperfect people who will make mistakes and pay for them? The learning of history allows people to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than having to learn from one's own mistakes. Greed reins in the wicked and leads to Hell on Earth and beyond. Live and let live without forcing the desires of the greedy on the honest people who become wealthy by earning it in a free country as we have had in America. Liberty and Freedom is for those who secure it. Respect, like wealth is not demanded, but earned. Look to history and be glad when others have what they have and set out to get your own wealth the old fashioned way. Earn it. He who hesitates will find out too late that he missed the starting gun. Americans are in the wealthiest top percentage of all people. Be industrious but not covetous of others worldly possessions. That would be personal sin.


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