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Do You Support Trump Declaring a National Emergency to Secure Wall Funding?
by Causes
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  • Kathy
    Voted Oppose

    I absolutely do not support him declaring it a National Emergency. If it was truly and really a National Emergercy 45 would have done it weeks ago. Or better yet when he took office! But he didn’t do that because he didn’t have the backing of his own Party. This is such BS, on top if he does it will be tied up in Courts for months if not years. He would open the door for the next President to use it to. If he wants to declare a National Emergency here something that he can start with Emergency Gun Safety Laws, Climate Control Laws to save our Environment, Voting Rights for Everyone, A by-partisan Commission on how his Puppet Controller Putin interfered with our Election, and continue to. How Russia getting into our electric grids, etc. Cleaning the SWAMP in his Administration. I would love for him to talk about how many people come across the Northern Border and how many over stay their Visas?

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