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Supreme Court to Hear Biggest Gun Rights Case Since 2010
by Reuters
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  • Alan
    Voted Yes

    I believe we should get back to the original intent of the constitution, as our forefathers intended. What is the real reason the left wants to take our guns or put restrictions on them? They claim it is to protect the children, but then turn around and kill our children while still in the womb. When prohibition was passed, a law was put into our constitution, making alcohol illegal, but they didn't do that with drugs. But, because of unconstitutional drug laws being enforced, it became a means to trample on other rights and now people are guilty until you prove you are innocent. The same with "sensible" gun laws, another means to strip more constitutionally protected rights. The end isn't to protect the people, but to control them and the ones that will come after you to enforce these laws, are people with guns, who seem to be immune to the law if they kill you and your dog.

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