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This Week in Congress: Middle East Policy & Giving Federal Civilian Workers a Raise
by Causes
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  • Dave

    We need to shift Spending from entitlement and welfare programs which consumes 69.8% of total spending to National Security which consumes a mere 15.6% of Federal Spending. It is estimated that $900 billion goes to the welfare of illegal aliens. It has to stop. Why not now? The Preamble of the Constitution defines National Security as the singular most important responsibility of the Federal Government. We need to secure borders at all costs, put fresh boots back on the ground in Syria to prevent Assad and radical Islam from reorganizing, bolster our support for Israel, our only ally in the Middle East, and I believe we need to re-hire General Mattis. That was about the only mistake the President has made. He is a combat tested war hero, and our military need all the help it can get.

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