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The DC: Senate plans votes that could end the shutdown, and... đź’‰ Is it time to make vaccinations mandatory?
by Causes
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  • Mary

    Do not make vaccinations mandatory. Yes we do have some good vaccines but most of them especially viral vaccines are useless and can be harmful in many ways. I am a retired RN and my hospital made flu vaccines mandatory you had no right to refuse that treatment if you wanted to continue working there. The efficacy of those flu vaccines are about 30% at best. The hospital was getting money back from the manufacturers based on the number of vaccinations they gave. Money making scheme? Anyone that knows anything about viruses know that they mutate very quickly so a vaccine made the year before a flu season makes that vaccine very ineffective. Scare tactics are used by the media to get people to sign on but most people who die from the flu already have illnesses that make them more susceptible to dying but this is never mentioned in the vaccine propaganda. Please preserve our right to refuse medical treatment .


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