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Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross: ‘I Don’t Understand Why’ Furloughed Federal Workers Are Going to Food Banks
by Axios
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  • Darby
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    I’d have to agree with him on the fact there is no reason federal employees should be living pay check to pay check. Why did they let themselves get this far, where is there emergency funds? So many questions. They are going to get back paid and no they should be paid interest, but the back pay should be tax exempt. As far as the loans, I would have to disagree with Mr. Ross, loans would only make it worse. I think they learned their lesson to have an emergency fund next time though. This shut down needs to end and the sad part is they had their chance but the senate democrats failed to compromise and help DACA recipients. Wake up congress, you work for us not Donald Trump! Build the Wall! President Trump Care’s about American Values. Most Pro-Life president in modern history, pro-life justices on the Supreme Court. No all of his policies are bad. I’m not saying he is not arrogant, but his policies are great except trade war, military bans.


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