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Senate Votes to End Shutdown Fail, Impasse Continues
by Causes
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  • Michael
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    I Wish This Issue Would Be Resolved! Quit Changing The Goal Posts! Quite Changing The Basic English Definition Of Border/Barrier Security!! Quit Politicizing a Basic, Common Sense Issue! You are Either, For Law and Order; Legal Or Illegal! Sovereignty or No Sovereignty??? You either Care about “We The People” Or You Care More About Illegal Aliens, Chaos, Non-Citizenry And Criminals! All “We The People” Can Do is Sit On The Sidelines As Spectators Helplessly Hoping For Security And Safety! 🤯👺🤡 #BuildThatWall with All The Necessities Of an Intelligent and Integrated Smart Technology(s) To Re-Enforce Our Nation’s Security/Safety/Laws! Congress Is Just As Responsible For The Government Shutdown! QUIT BLAMING TRUMP! Start Earning Your Seat💺Rent! Start Fairly And Impartially Representing Our Legal Citizenry! Quit Playing PoliticalFootball And Calling Every Issue “FOUL” Just To Buy More Time And Wasting Government And Taxpayer’s Dollars 💵! Our Freedoms, Democracy, And Are Liberties Are At Stake! Upset Voter and Legal Citizen! Why Do We Even Have A Body Of Representatives [CONGRESS] If You [Our Reps] Can’t Even Compromise And Instead; Everyone Still Gets Paid And You All Go On Vacation! Where Are Your Priorities? ~MM

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