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Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross: ‘I Don’t Understand Why’ Furloughed Federal Workers Are Going to Food Banks
by Axios
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  • Cathy
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    I can’t believe how out of touch the White House, it’s cabinet members, and the Republicans in the Senate are with the average federal worker to think that they can go without being paid for an extended period of time. This is the most heartless comment I’ve heard, and there have many coming out of this administration and the Republican Party to date. It must be nice to be rich and not have live paycheck to paycheck. When they create a phony national crisis and refuse to open the government to appease one megalomaniac’s ego, and expect any reasonable, sane citizen to buy into this hostage strategy, how could anyone not see this as a danger to our economy, individual safety and national security. End this now!!

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