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Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross: ‘I Don’t Understand Why’ Furloughed Federal Workers Are Going to Food Banks
by Axios
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  • Linda
    Voted Sad

    I am now a firm believer that you can’t fix stupid. He wants to know why furloughed workers are going to food banks? Really??? Does he really need to ask? Oh yeah. He does. Because when you’re rich you don’t know what being poor is like. As the COMMERCE secretary I would think he would understand the basic concept that when you are not getting PAID you don’t have money coming in. When you don’t have MONEY you can’t BUY things like food. When you can’t buy them, you need to let down your PRIDE and find ways of getting the necessities such as FOOD from charities. This is something that I thought even a pre-schooler understood. SMH🙄🤯

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