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Senate Plans Thursday Votes That Could End Gov’t Shutdown
by Causes
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  • mrjeremito
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    Trump has single-handedly created this crisis. His offer to "negotiate" simply restores protections that were taken of the table by him. That's not how negotiations should work. I would support additional funding for border security, including increasing the number of border patrol agents and higher salaries for them, so they are less likely to be bribed and corrupted by the drug cartels, whose presence at ports of entry along the border is well documented. Building a wall is a medieval solution to a modern problem. More agents are needed to be on the border. But more importantly, we need to be working with the Mexican government to solve the problem of the all powerful cartels. While the illicit drug trade has long been prevalent in Mexico, an increasing number of criminal organizations are fighting for control of smuggling routes into the United States and local drug markets. Organized crime related violence has resulted in more than 109,000 killings since December 2006 and contributed to 30,000 disappearances. Why has the Trump administration de-funded the Merida Initiative, which allotted so hundreds of millions to the Mexican government to help solve the problem? Why isn't that something that our elected officials are taking Trump to task for?


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