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FDA Chief: Feds Might Intervene If States Don’t Change Lax Vaccine Laws
by Causes
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  • Gerald
    Voted Yes

    YES, it is imperative that vaccinations be made mandatory. We need to put the security and health of our families over the behavior of the very small percentage who refuse to have their children and themselves vaccinated. Are seat belts mandatory? Is no-smoking banned almost everywhere in the United States? Why has it taken this long to elevate this to a threat level that it represents to our citizenry? Infants cannot be vaccinated until they reach one year of age. How many more of our children have to be severely and permanently damaged by these anti-Vaxers and others who just refuse to get their children and themselves vaccinated? The false report on a certain vaccine causing autism was scientifically de-bunked many years ago. Vaccines have been proven scientifically to save lives. Congress needs to act immediately on this threat to our citizenry and nation as a whole. There is absolutely no RATIONAL reason to permit people in this country to avoid vaccinations.

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