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Do You Support a Ban on Transgender Service Members?
by Causes
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  • Bud

    When I was drafted into the military in 1961, it was three months after I had broken my arm and paralyzed my left hand. At my pre-induction physical, I was rated a permanent 4F. About eight months later, to everyone’s surprise, my pinned bones had healed, and with months of physical therapy, my nerve regrew and near normal function had returned to my hand. I volunteered for the Air Force. To allow me to serve, I was required to sign a waiver stating that the Government could not be held responsible for any problems related to my left upper extremity, including surgeries, medications, or any disabilities. I signed the waiver and served my time. I would like transgenders, and any other candidates with any pre-existing condition, to be treated as I was treated.

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