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Do You Support a Ban on Transgender Service Members?
by Causes
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  • Dana
    Voted Oppose

    Just More Hate. Division. Discrimination. These Monsters always need a target. I am sooo sick of this supposed “Religious Right”. They want to force their “Christian” principals on everyone else but won’t put their money where their mouth is. Keep telling people what to do with their bodies and health but don’t back it up. How about the “ZIKA” babies for starters. You want to force woman to have deformed children that cost a fortune emotionally and financially and then deny its happening? Check out the hundreds of woman in Puerto Rico alone that the CDC was following prior to the hurricane. Suddenly disappeared. Cured? Just another population to be shunned and assaulted. This country has a long history of shame. My own ancestors fleeing starvation and religious oppression were told “No Irish need apply” . This country was founded by Quakers who were looking for FREEDOM. However we are constantly looking for a group to persecute. History will not judge us well. SHAMEFUL. SHAME ON US....


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