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Do You Support Drug Testing Applicants for Unemployment Benefits?
by Causes
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  • Carrie
    Voted No

    Ok f-tards (us mere plebs excluded) This app is becoming ridiculous. Do we care about the cost of healthcare? Do we know the psychological effects of unemployment? Do you know how many people drink and take shit (Monster, Red Bull, etc) to get through the day when they are working? Do you know how that shit contributes to the health conditions that become expensive and cause people not to be able to work. Almost no one has jobs with benefits. Hmmm, wonder how that happened. Demand the impossible from people, underpay them, demoralize and cripple them, hire someone younger and cheaper, watch them die, don’t pay unemployment. If what you demand from someone is costing them their life, you are undervaluing them and the true cause of driving up health expenses and the cost of living along with the federal government offsetting the expenses the laborers can’t cover themselves, who corporations pay no taxes to, but are supported fiscally by the citizens of this country who buy the shit and poison they sell who don’t spend their money in plebeian markets and only want more for themselves never risking anything but a couple of phone calls or favors, indulging in their orgies, human trafficking, substance abuse events, who have people like El Chapo on speed dial and pave the way to keep his ilk in business, while we volunteer to self-regulate each other and squeezing each other more than we’re already being squeezed doing these monsters’ jobs for them aiding them in taking our health, our humanity, and our dignity away from us. Zero tolerance for more castigation. Enough!!!

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