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Giuliani says Trump talked with Michael Cohen about Trump Tower Moscow right up until election
by Axios
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  • Livia

    My comments are probably going to upset some people, . The president has put golf courses and hotels in other countries. He was a businessman that's what he did for a living. I don't care if he tried to put a Trump Towers in Russia. So what. He is now the president of United States. Take a look at past ministrations. What they have done with Russia with Putin such as Hillary Clinton who sold you uranium to the Russians the American people didn't know about that when ,(she did that). Stop concentrating on things that really don't matter. It takes the focus off of what is happening today in the world and in our country, there are more important things we need that are more important to our country. I am disappointed in the Democratic Party. They need to work with the president democrats and Republicans to end shutdown over government and to secure our borders. And we do need border wall, and it does work, that's according to the people who work at the border,


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