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Trump fails to woo Democrats
by Axios
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  • Livia

    The president, cannot do anything that will please the Democrats, because they hate him for wanting to clean out the swamp. That also applies to some Republicans. Just like you saw Democrats go to Puerto Rico with their families for vacation painful by lobbyist, do you know how much money America and private people have you given Puerto Rico in the past 20 years. It is millions and millions of dollars, the money just not go to help the people of Puerto Rico. They do nothing with the inner structure in Puerto Rico. A never fixed their electrical system, the last hurricane when we went in there again there're electrical system was not working before the hurricane. I do not want to give any money to Puerto Rico. You want to help Puerto Rico this is how we should do it we get the company we pay the company to go over and fix their electrical factory. The money does not go to their government we will pay the people who fix it, American people , democrats are selling our country., they want to continue the swamp, they don't care what they do or where they spend our money.


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