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Realizing the Ideals of “E Pluribus Unum” is Dependent on Building A Sustainable Cross-Partisan Constituency (3/3)
by The Cross-Partisan Action Network
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    E pluribus unum, meaning Out of many, one, is a saying used to identify the collective states becoming one. During the American Revolution, British administrations believed the source of trouble originated and continued to originate from Boston, Massachusetts; their policies were directed mostly at Boston after 1773 because of the Sons of Liberty gangs revolting there. In other words, in today’s modern terms, E Pluribus Unum would mean the same thing, the collection of states coming together to be one. Hence the formation of the Federal government but this is not dependent on the creation of cross-party partisanship constituencies. Instead, to create a better democracy within our Republic, we should encourage a multi-party System where our elected officials nationally are representatives of the entire electorate through direct proportional representation. This would cut out gerrymandering and the feeling of unimportance in the electorate. By creating a multi-party system, this in itself creates bi-partisanship as most governments would have to work in a coalition, much like many European governments like Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Israel (not European but Western), Austria, currently the UK, and Spain. This is never a bad thing but the people are more connected since their voices are not drowned out by the other representatives trying to govern by the popularly elected.


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