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Pence: Criticism of Wife’s Job at Anti-LGBT Christian School ‘Deeply Offensive to Us’
by Causes
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  • Bruce
    Voted Sad

    Here is another issue we need to finally put to rest and that is our VP professes to be a christian but spews his hate towards Americans! What are you going to do to stop this hate and the hate speech? He should be censured or whatever as long as he and his wife learn to stop hating! It really is pathetic that for the last two years the republicans controlled all government yet did nothing to stop the hate speech from the White House? Cowards? Now with the Democrats taking over I’m hoping things turn around for the good and when we take over the White House and the Senate it will. It will also be nice when we can vote you out of office, again, McSally. Just like our president you lost and shouldn’t be where you are, period.

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