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How Could the Shutdown End? How Would You End It?
by Causes
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  • Granita
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    It seems to me that this issue has shifted from security to “My way or the highway.” Whenever I watch the news, I always see the words in the back, “In God We Trust”. Perhaps if Congress would actually acknowledge the Lord then a viable solution could be reached. Yes I am a follower of Christ. I believe the forefathers of the constitution were as well. Name calling and playing the blame game never works. Digging in merely to say, “I won” means nothing if ultimately you’re causing a greater problem with those of us who were born and raised here on American soil. Forget about the fact that this shutdown has put 800,000 hard working citizens and their families in financial crisis. But...if you have never known what it means to be without or have to decide between paying your mortgage or your electric bill, it’s easy to keep digging in.

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