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WaPo: Trump Sought to Hide Details of Conversations With Putin From Admin Officials
by Axios
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  • Margaret
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    The office of the President involves following protocol. Refusing to include another person in a talk with any foreign non-ally is not following acceptable protocol. A meeting with Vladimir Putin especially should include another person other than the interpreter. The President seems to deem himself above the laws of our country & the protocol of the office of President. The private talk should have been investigated immediately. It was not. The interpreter who was present should be questioned now. Mueller’s investigation has caused allies of the President to be indicted & strongly suggests Russian collusion. Especially considering that, legislators who find it acceptable that the President ignored this important protocol either agree that the President’s refusal to have a witness is acceptable, or they are being willfully ignorant. A bipartisan investigation needs to be done now of this shady meeting. For those legislators who refuse to demand the president follow the appropriate protocol of the highest office in this land, if it is found out that illegal behavior is occurring or has occurred, you will be complicit in his culpability.


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