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NYT: FBI Investigated Whether Trump Was Secretly Working for Russia After Comey Firing
by Axios
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  • Paul
    Voted Sad

    Of the available choices, I voted no because I am disgusted with Trump and everything about him. But yes, I highly favor the Times' report and fervently hope that what looks to be collusion and corruption between Trump, his family, his cronies, and Russia can be proven conclusively and we can be rid of this monster who has hijacked America and sullied everything about this country in the eyes of the world and of most thinking Americans. I do not know how much more damage he can inflict without dragging us down to the ultimate end, the dissolution of American democracy and long-term or permanent diminution of our status in the world. Before I die, hopefully not soon, I look forward to seeing the entire Trump criminal enterprise in orange jumpsuits, not business suits.


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