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Ongoing Partial Government Shutdown Becomes Longest in U.S. History
by Causes
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    Donald Trump cannot be trusted. I believe he is a Russian asset. Democrats need to hold strong & never agree to an immoral border wall. Border security- yes. A wall-no. McConnell has the power to stop this government shut down. He needs to be held accountable. Furthermore, the FBI, in addition to a counterintelligence investigation of Donald Tump, also need to investigate the 8 Republicans who spent their 4th of July in Russia as well as every GOP legislator who accepted Russian sponsored NRA money. The July 4th traitors include Senators: Ron Johnson, WI Richard Shelby, AL John Hoeven, ND Steve Daines, MT John Thune, SD Jerry Moran, KS John Kennedy, LA Representative Kay Granger, TX-12

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