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Giuliani: Trump’s Team Should Be Able to ‘Correct’ Mueller Report – Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Marissa
    Voted No

    What the hell is going on?? When in the entire history of our judicial system has a defendant — whether innocent or guilty — been handed a prosecutor’s final report BEFORE it’s filed, so he can make a few edits? Just like any other defendant, he will have the opportunity to review the report when it’s filed. Just like he did last month for Cohen’s filing - the one that concluded “Individual 1” committed a felony. He has the right to file an answer — THE SAME RIGHT GIVEN TO ANY DEFENDANT. If you take off the “president” blinders and put his crazy into perspective of the average US citizen, he is certifiably insane. Trump is in deep shit, and he makes it pretty obvious that he knows it. Clearly, Rudy knows it too. This is not even remotely normal for a lawyer to expect for his client in a criminal OR civil investigation.

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